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Why Choose Souvenir safari's

Eco & Ethical

We follow standards & codes of conduct, are keen and considerate of our clients, staff, environment and community.

Custom Tailormade Safaris

Let’s talks about your trip requirement & we’ll work together to tailor your trip to meet your exact requirement so you have a trip of your dreams.

Operational Standards

We are 100% locally owned, middle-men free offers and a trusted licensed company you can depend on, we promise you won’t regret.

Flexible Payment Options

we accept all forms your payment method be it credit cards, bank transfer to cash, we also have favorable cancellation policy to both parties.

Great Value Deals

We've put in extra work to ensure our clients get full value of the price paid & the best deals through their stay. Remember price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Constant Support

We take care of every detail: your flights, activities, accommodation, transfers Etc.