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Machame route is one of the most popular routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. According to statistics from Kilimanjaro National Park approximately 50% of trekkers use the Machame route to ascend Kilimanjaro. The route is very scenic, providing hikers with incredible views and varying landscapes.

The route is relatively difficult as climbers need to be able to ascend the Barranco Wall on day four.That being said, there are no parts on the route that require any technical climbing skills.

The total route distance is approximately 62 kilometers from gate to gate. One can complete the route in 6 or 7 days. Both options include a climb high, sleep low acclimatization day.


  • All National Park & Crew Permits and VAT
  • Professional English speaking guide(s)
  • Pre and Post accommodations (2 nights Bed and Breakfast)
  • Airport Transfers
  • Meals according to the itinerary
  • Fair and Sustainable Salary Crew Wages
  • Flights and Visa fee
  • Travel insuarence
  • Personal gear rentals
  • Tips for the mountain crew
  • Lunch and dinner at the hotel (before and after the ascent)
  • Soda and Alcoholic beverages


Machame Gate (1,800meters) to Machame Camp (2,835 meters)

Distance: ~11km / 7 miles

Trekking time: 5-6hours Zone: Rainforest

The first day trekking begins at Machame Gate (1,800meters). Typically you will drive from the town of Moshi which takes approximately an hour to the gate .At the Gate you will meet your trekking crew – your guide, porters and cook .The porters don’t exceed 20 kilograms.The first day trek is a long one (~11km / 7miles) and takes approximately 4-5hours to complete. The lunch at the gate before leave and 3liters of water.From here on porters will collect water from mountain streams. The day’s trekking ends at Machame Camp (2,835 meters) which sits near the border of the rainforest zone and the low alpine zone. By the time you arrive your porters will have already setup your camp and tents, and dinner will be served.

2 Machame Camp (2,835 meters) to Shira cave camp (3,750 meters)

Distance: ~5km / 3 miles

Trekking time: 4-5hours

Zone: Rainforest / Low Alpine Zone.

On day two you will rise early, pack your gear and prepare for the trek from Machame Camp to Shira cave camp (3,750).The trek is relatively steep as you enter the low alpine zone which is characterised by moorlands and grasslands. Shira cave camp sits on a plateau which provides you with the first views of Kibo in the North- West and Mount Meru in the East. Day two takes approximately 4-5hours and covers a distance of 5km / 3miles. And after lunch and rest at the camp will have short working for one hour go and return for acclimatization.

3 Shira cave camp (3,750 meters) to Lava Tower (4,600 meters) and then Barranco Camp (3,900 meters)

Distance: ~10km / 6 miles

Trekking time: 6-7hours

Zone: Low alpine zone / High alpine zone.

Day three is a long and tough trek East off the Shira Plateau through lava tower and before that meet people form lemosho route.And lunch point it will be at lava tower where is a good place for acclimatization.

Barranco Camp (3,900 meters). The route is approximately 10km in length and takes 6-7 hours to complete.

4 Barranco Camp (3,900 meters) to Karanga Camp (3,995 meters) (and then Barafu Camp – 4,673 meters)

Distance: ~10km / 6 miles

Trekking time: 8-9hours

Zone: High alpine zone.

Day four begins with a steep traverse up the Barranco wall 257 meter rock face that requires basic scrambling skills to the top of the Karanga Valley. The path then follows a series of inclines and declines to Karanga Camp (3,995 meters). If you are on a six day trek you will stop for lunch at Karanga Camp and then continue on along the Southern Circuit until it joins the Mweka Trail up to Barafu Camp (4,673meters). For six day trekkers, day 4 takes approximately 8hrs to complete and covers 10km When you arrive at Barafu around evening you will be served an early dinner and encouraged to get some shut-eye as the summit trek commences around 24:00 that night. Note: Trekkers on the seven day route spend the night at Karanga Camp before continuing on to Barafu. This additional day is beneficial in terms of acclimatization.

Barafu Camp (4,673 meters) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters) and then Mweka Camp (3,100 meters)

Distance: ~5km ascent to the peak (UHURU PEAK)

Trekking Time: 6-7hours

Zone: Summit

Day five is summit night (and day)! You will be awoken around 23:30 with hot tea and biscuits. Hopefully you have managed to get a few hours’ sleep; don’t worry if you haven’t as most people struggle to sleep before summit night. Do however make sure that all your kit, including warm clothes, headlamp, insulated water reserves and snacks are ready for a sharp departure at 00:00. The trek up Kibo is steep and slow. The trick is to keep your momentum moving forward, one step at a time. It takes about 6-7hours to reach the top of the crater rim where you will see the sign for Stellar Point (5,739 meters This is not the summit of Kilimanjaro. You still have another 156 meters of altitude to walk around the crater rim to Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters). I recommend resting briefly at Stellar Point and potentially having some hot tea or hot chocolate. Take a moment to savoir where you have got to and then dig deep for the energy to push for the summit. Over 30% of climbers stop at Stellar Point but most can make it to the summit if they muster the metal strength to push through. After reach at the peak you have 3hour to the base camp where you leave during mid night hence you have one hours sleep before Mweka 7km or high camp 4km.The descent can be very grueling on your joints. It is recommend you use trekking poles and potentially wear gaiters to avoid fine glacial scree getting into your boots.Mweka is situated in the upper part of the rainforest zone. The richness of oxygen and moisture in the air will be a very welcome surprise.

Mweka Camp (3,100 meters) to Mweka Gate (1,640 meters)

Distance: ~10km / 6 miles

Trekking time: 3-4hours

Zone: Rain forest.

Day six is the final day of trekking. By now you will be exhausted and probably only thinking about a hot shower. The trek is a pleasant one through the lower rain- forested slopes and down to Mweka Gate (1,640 meters). Although you cover 10km the trek only takes 3-4 hours. Assuming you successfully reach Stellar Point or Uhuru Peak you will be presented with official certificates – a silver certificate for the stella point and a gold certificate for Uhuru point.

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